Monday, April 20, 2009

Brooks Infiniti 2

I can't believe I get through running shoes so quickly. I've just had to buy another pair as my current ones won't get me through the Stockholm Marathon without falling apart. I've just bought a gorgeous new pair of Brooks Infiniti from the lovely people at Up and Running. They really know what they are talking about there. In fact, the guy that served me guessed my 1/2 marathon time to within a minute, even before I had started running on their special fancy gait analysis treadmill. Aparently they are good for high mileage and have a lovely cushioned mid sole which seems to propel you forward...wonderful. I did 13 miles today and they felt good.

I've now received my pack for Stockholm and was surprised to find out that they not only have drinks stations along the course, but also food stations, providing amongst other things PICKLED GHERKINS! I love gherkins, but I couldn't think of anything worse at mile 20! 


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Shrimp Salad Circus said...

haha A pickle in the middle of a forever-long run does sound absolutely heinous, and I LIKE them!!!