Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Triathlon Pasta

As an ardent pasta eater, I always welcome any new types of pasta  with open arms...and this one really made me giggle. It's brilliant. I can't imagine who might have had the time to think up such a mad idea - the triathlete's/runner's answer to alphabeti spaghetti! Great to eat yourself or a perfect gift for any of your friends who are addicted to running, swimming or cycling! You can also get packs for cyclists (just pasta bikes) or marathon runners (just pasta men running).

This brilliant company Foska certainly puts the fun into training, whether you are a runner, cyclist or swimmer. Take a look at their website and you'll find cool kit like marmite cycling tops and running shirts.

I tried the triathlon pasta out on my daughter and she was sort of impressed (although slightly embarrassed about eating little pasta men and bikes). I cooked the pasta in salted water, drained it and added it to some sauteed lardons (bacon pieces), mushrooms, spinach and garlic. We ate it topped with some parmesan shavings and torn up basil leaves in large bowls and then drizzled the whole lot with some tasty extra virgin olive oil. Fun to eat and very tasty! We fought over the green bikes though...for some reason they tasted the best.

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