Monday, June 16, 2008

Salomon challenge

I have finally received my Salomon XT Wings - just one week before the big day: my 14 mile 3 peak Brecon Beacon run. I was contacted way back in April with this fantastic offer of goodies (shoes and a GPS system) in return for talking about training for the challenge on my blog. They have been so popular that my size was completely out of stock in the whole of Europe until now. I can see why. I have now run about 12 miles in them and I have to say that they feel good. They are supportive, very comfortable, are nicely cushioned and they fit like a glove. The colour, however, is not good - as a neighbour commented - they look like I have vomited over them!

I have also received my Nokia GPS with 5 mega pixel camera, which I have been given to log my training. Well, it is a bit late for that, but I will work out how to use it over the next couple of days, and hopefully I should manage to get some good shots of the Brecon Beacons and the progress of my run.

I am not sure whether I am fully prepared for this fell run, as I don't really know what to expect. If I were to run 14 miles on Saturday, I know that I would be absolutely fine. But 14 miles up and down three mountains....who knows? I really don't want to have to walk and I am feeling a bit apprehensive...


Sam said...

Hi Kate
I am so excited to find a food blog from my home town.
Maybe you'll imspire me to start running again.



Anonymous said...

thanks for a great website Kate !
I found it via the Sunday Times and was amazed to find you are a Bristol runner !
We have just moved to Hotwells from London and I am doing the Bristol half marathon in September - I am going through your great recipes now.