Monday, July 7, 2008

Bristol Half Marathon

I have set myself a fairly ambitious target for the Bristol Half Marathon. I feel that if I don't set myself a goal, I won't put in adequate training and I will disappoint myself. Bristol is the only race I have planned in the Autumn so I may as well go for I will try to get in in under 1hr 40, preferably 1:35:59, as my speedy marathon friend, Mark C's pb is 1:36. My best 1/2 marathon time so far is only 1:44. I have to say that I have never actually trained specifically for a 1/2, I have only ever entered them as part of my marathon training, or just because friends are running and it's nice to be sociable. If I could get to one of Liz Yelling's traiing camps I would be more confident about upping my speed, but unfortunately I will be sunning myself (with any luck) in France.

Liz Yelling is a real inspiration. I subscribe to her blog on Take a look at it, it makes very interesting reading. She is so incredibly fast, yet I am always surprised at how 'normal' she seems.

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