Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Publishing Contract! Time for some celebration

Just to say that I am taking a break from the blog until the beginning of August. I am off to France, to a place in the hills with no internet connection and very poor mobile reception....absolute bliss.. ..I am really pleased that I now have a fantastic publishing contract for my book Go Faster Food, which is due to be in the shops in 2009, so I will be celebrating that in style, probably with a little champagne and wine tasting, lying about in the sun, visiting the markets and general relaxation! I suppose I will also be doing some running (early in the morning as it is a bit hilly and hot!) and I will definitely play about with some more recipes for my return....

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Jason said...

Hi Kate

I've happened upon your site after reading your August 2008 Running Fitness article. My wife takes part in triathlons and is pleased with her results so far - and I do all of the cooking at home, so I want to make sure that we eat as well as we can. I've been looking for a book for quite a long time that combines enough easy and quick to create dishes (because sports people appear to have no spare time at all!) with just the right amount of nutritional information so that I'm not overwhelmed by the theory. I'll be very interested in your book when it comes out.

Good luck with it.