Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nutrition for Better Running

This week has been a complete whirlwinputting us though our pacesd of activity.

I gave a talk at one of the Full Potential workshops on Saturday which was specifically designed around the theme of Nutrition for Better Running. The day consisted of four talks on different aspects of nutrition - from the basics of nutrition for running, to putting all this into practice with food and meal ideas (that was my bit), views on supplements and then the latest advice on race nutrition from the Lucozade Sports Scientists. There was a totally brilliant coaching session in the middle of the day in which top class coach Nick Anderson put us through our paces - yes, I mean literally! He encouraged us to work out our 5k, 10k and threshold paces. If only I had a personal trainer like that every week....completely inspirational.

Now I'm getting organised for my book launch next week, which is going to be hosted by the University of Bristol Sports Medicine Clinic. If anyone fancies popping along, you are very welcome - 12.30 to 1.30 at the University Sports Centre, Tyndall Avenue. I'm going to give a little talk and then there will be some tasters of Go Faster Food and of course an opportunity to buy a signed copy of my new book.

Between all this activity, there's been the Cancer Research UK's Race for Life, and the British Heart Foundation's Bristol Harbour Run, my daughter's French exchange has arrived, the builders have turned up to plaster our bedroom so we have decamped to the sofa bed in the office and I made some nice little banana cakes - recipe to follow in next post...


RunnerDude said...

Great post! I love this kind of stuff. I'm a big nutrition buff, particularly as it relates to running and endurance runners. I'm getting my nutrition consultant certification soon and look forward to couseling people particularly runners on better eating habits. Thanks!

Kathleen Lisson said...

I agree with RunnerDude, nutrition is important to my training, and I have found it becoming even more important as I attempt harder training schedules for my half marathon. I wish we had an all day workshop like the one you participated in here in the US.