Wednesday, January 16, 2008

8 miles general aerobic training

8 miles yesterday, general aerobic training with 10 x 100m strides, in the worst weather you could possibly ask for - driving rain and a howling gale. I really hope the weather improves soon. I had to stick to the road because off-road was so water-logged it was impossible to run. I also didn't want to get my brand new running shoes dirty! I have just made THE most fantastic purchase from a new running shop in Bristol - a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus shoes. UpandRunning has just opened in Bristol and I must say that the advice and service I got there was really excellent. Find them on the web at http://http// The shoes are so comfortable, cushioned and supportive. I did the run just before lunch and so managed to sneak in a bowl of porridge with walnuts and demerara sugar at about 11 o'clock. Supper did not go to plan. I made a delicious (or so my children said) post-run risotto with some left-over roast pork, but unfortunately had to go out to my choir practice before getting the chance to eat it, and of course, the kids polished it off without thinking of saving any! Instead, Mark (my husband) and I nipped out to our local Thai restaurant afterwards, where we had Thai basil seabass and jasmine rice, which I am certainly going to try out at home.

I made the risotto by frying chopped onion, celery and red pepper and mushrooms very gently in some olive oil and butter for a few minutes. I then added some carnaroli risotto rice and fried it until it became transluscent. I just added a spoonful of hot chicken stock (homemade stock would have been much better, but we are talking about a Tuesday supper of what was left-over in the fridge from the weekend) and cooked it on a medium heat until it was absorbed and continued to do this until the rice was cooked. About 5 minutes before the end I added the chopped cooked pork (I think if you added it earlier it would become tough), some ground cumin and a good bunch of fresh parsley or coriander. It is best to stir and then leave for a few minutes before serving, perhaps sprinkled with some more fresh herbs and some salted peanuts. Not very Italian, but very tasty for some midweek carbs.

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