Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunday run

Went for my longest run since the Berlin Marathon in October - only 12 miles - and it wasn't too bad, except that it got dark by about 8 miles. As we were running in the woods, I was rather glad that I was not alone! It is the first time I have run in the pitch black and it is quite disorientating. I am considering doing the 100km in Bern, Switzerland, this Summer, which is apparently a run through the night, so I suppose running on our dark winter evenings will be good training for that.

I had sushi for lunch before my 12 miles; a little protein and plenty of carbs in the sticky rice and I cooked a good, low GI evening meal the night before - Fragrant chicken and lentil curry with basmati rice. Lentils are such a good way to add goodness and slow-release carbs to your meal. All you have to do is rinse them and then cook them until tender (usually about 20 minutes). Or you can use them straight out of a tin if you want to be really quick. I just fried up some organic chicken thighs (from the Sheedrove farm shop in Bristol- delicious) with some madras paste, a cinnamon stick, ginger and some roasted cumin and coriander seed. I added a tin of tomatoes and a drop of water and cooked this covered until the chicken was done, popped in some green lentils which I had boiled for 20 minutes and then finished off with a dollop of greek yoghurt and some fresh coriander. I'll post the proper recipe and a photo down in my next blog. Just off for a short run today, in preparation for 8 with speed work tomorrow.


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Carolyn said...

Really enjoyed reading your blogs and recipes. I've also run a few marathons. Fascinated by why you're contemplating 100K and would like to know more. Thinking of tackling Davos Alpine marathon this summer. Good luck with your London marathon training and would be interested in seeing more recipes. Carolyn