Monday, January 21, 2008

FLM Course

I have just downloaded the course for the London Marathon and am relieved to see that it is not too hilly. It seems impossible to find a flattish course for a long run in Bristol that is not completely waterlogged and I am getting quite fed up with hills. I know it is good for you to do hill training, but I would love to do a nice flat run for a change. Yesterday's 13 miles was hard work. In fact I can safely say that it was one of the hardest runs I have ever done! It was raining, very windy and hilly. My legs felt tired after about 7 miles. Luckily, Mark (hubby who has taken on the role of my personal trainer...and does it brilliantly, I have to say) was with me to keep me going.

Got home feeling a bit sorry for myself and was faced with piles (literally) of very muddy rugby kit x 3, no hot water and a broken tumble dryer. Plus lunch to prepare, followed by helping the kids with their homework and music practice. At 4 pm the extended family was due to arrive for a post-Christmas present session and Sunday roast. Lunch was dealt with by my fantastic 14 year-old daughter, who managed to rustle up bacon, tomato and watercress sandwiches on the fennel and poppy seed bread I made on Saturday and some butternut squash and sweet potato soup. Yum. It is funny how food can make you feel so much better...the washing got done and somehow I managed to produce a roast leg of lamb, roast pots, parsnips, some delicious veggies and homemade mint sauce, followed by rice pud and baked apricots in the evening. Feeling pretty exhausted today though.


Mark O'M said...

Hi Kate,
If you want a longer flatter and drier run, you could do worse than try the cycle path. I have run down the Glos Rd, through St Paul's and Easton (about 2miles) and then on the cycle path as far as you want. It is a very gentle uphill for the first 5m before levelling off. I did that for some of last year's 20m runs and it worked well.

kate said...

Yes I've done that run, but I wouldn't do it alone. I've heard some pretty nasty stories of attacks along that path. It would certainly be less windy though...and puddle-free! Maybe I should try it for my long Sunday run which will be with my running chums, I hope. Thanks, Mark. Kate