Friday, April 11, 2008

Gordon Ramsay's Pre-race Meal

I am pleased and quite flattered to say that my choice of pre-race meal is incredibly similar to that of Gordon Ramsay. Quite rightly, Gordon says that the night before a marathon is all about loading up on carbs and not making complicated dishes. He also says that he avoids fatty foods before a race. (I must say that I try to avoid fatty foods all the way through my training, as I feel that they tend to make you feel quite lethargic and play havoc with your digestion). There really is nothing worse than feeling bloated and heavy on race day, which is what happened to me before the New York Marathon when I just did not get the eating thing quite right and ending up stopping four times at the portaloos along the course!

Gordon's recipe for succes - see - 57k - -is Pancetta Spaghetti , which is a pretty similar idea to my Spaghetti, toasted pine nuts, basil and parmesan pesto topped with pancetta - see Pre-Race Meal. I do like the generous helping of spaghetti he suggests of 225g for 2 people.

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