Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Asics Gels and perfect toenails - what a miracle

It has been full week now since the Flora London Marathon. The kids have gone back to school today, I feel totally recovered and a bundle of energy as I have not run for a full 7 days... and I finally have time to write a post.

The past week really has been a flurry of birthday parties, kids sport, feeding the hungry hoards and supporting my daughter with her GCSE work (i.e. lots of tea and chat, very little actual work). I did feel extremely tired and rather stiff on the Monday and Tuesday after the marathon and found it hard to function on all cylinders (admittedly, living in a 5 storey house doesn't help one bit), but by Wednesday my legs felt good and I managed to produce a wonderful meat fondue followed by a double chocolate and rasberry gateau for my son's birthday treat. Not ideal running food, but very delicious all the same. In fact, my body was crying out for a good dose of protein by Wednesday and a meat fondue certainly provided that! I treated us to some very tasty, melt-in-the-mouth organic rump steak from Sheepdrove (http://www.sheepdrove.com/) for the fondue which, luckily for me, was on special offer.

I am really very relieved that my new asics gels (nimbus 9) have worked.....no black toenails this time, so I will be able to wear my pretty sandals this Summer without having to disguise any dead nails with nail varnish! What joy...

I am starting to get a little jittery now, rather like a caged animal, so I really think it is time to get those running shoes back on and start pounding the streets. I am thinking of the next challenge and I must say that I am rather tempted by the Biel 100km run in June. It might be just a little too close to the London Marathon for me, but I am going to start training for it all the same and I will see how it goes....just as long as I can keep those toenails in good shape, I'll be happy....

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