Friday, May 2, 2008

A new challenge...A new training schedule

After a week or so of enforced rest, I have started running again. I have been so busy sorting out 'stuff' that I had 'put on hold' during the run up to London that I haven't really been able to get out for a proper run until today. I did five or six miles in the beautiful sunshine with a lovely group of friends who had all recently done a very exciting, fun-sounding marathon - the Las Vegas Marathon

I am looking at my next challenge and I think it just has to be the Brecon Beacons three peak challenge on 21st June - a 14 mile trail run. I had originally been very keen on doing the June Biel 100km in Switzerland with an experienced trail running buddy, Andy Shelling, but have thought the better of it. I just think it is too soon after a marathon for me and possibly a little too much of a challenge at this stage, when I am trying to get my book, Go Faster Food, off the ground etc (I have three publishers who are giving positive I'm keeping my fingers crossed).

The Brecon Beacons run is nearer home, I have friends who are walking it, and I may be able to persuade some friends to run it with me too. It will also be my first attempt at a trail running race...Very exciting, but also a bit daunting! So, lots and lots of hill training from now until June, as I rather avoided hills in my training for the London Marathon.

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