Friday, May 16, 2008

Mad Mave

Things have been very busy this week. I have not had much time to run since Tuesday, and I had to cut short yesterday's run because the weather was so awful and I needed to get back to work. My mother-in-law's best buddy Mavis Patterson, or Mad Mave, as we call her, is off on Sunday to cycle across Canada - at the age of 70!

Mavis is the most wonderful person and is a truly remarkable lady. She has outstanding strength and determination and is incredibly brave. She is also great fun and makes delicious scotch pancakes
. I have spent time cycling with her while she was cycling the whole of the UK Sustrans route a few years ago and I have to say that she has a god-like status in my eyes! She has done tons of things for charity, including cyling across Uganda, climbing Kilimanjaro; she's cycled from Sydney to Cairns, she's abseiled off enormous cliffs in Scotland. I remember having to coax her to jump off a building in Cardiff, down which we were abseiling for charity. When she finally did jump, she abseiled down, squealing with delight and talking about the gin and tonic she was going to enjoy afterward! Anyway, her website is - take a look at it and sponsor her if you like.

I made some fruity fingers last night - a cross between malt loaf and a fruit cake, so I'll pop down the recipe next posting.

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