Monday, February 16, 2009

Up and Running again

I can finally start running again. THAT IS REALLY GOOD NEWS!  I seem to have made a miraculous recovery and there was not even a slight twinge in my acchilles during my 4 1/2 mile tester run on Sunday. Perhaps this was because of the fab sauna I had at the Canons gym  where we made use of a very nice free weekend offer.

The bad news is that I'll have to make that sweet potato cake's not quite right and certainly not good enough to post on the blog. I'll try it again today with some more sugar - that should do the trick.
Now that my training is going to start again I need to get myself a new pair of running shoes as there is no way I can run a marathon in the current ones...they've just done too many miles.  

I certainly do NOT want to impede my running with a pair of unsuitable shoes, so I am going to make a trip to my local Up and Running shop

If you are not sure what kit to use, these guys at Up and Running really know what they are talking about (well, the place is run by Bristol's very own Nick Rose,  holder of the British Half Marathon record). They also have a free video/treadmill gait analysis which means that they can give you a pretty good idea of the sort of shoes you should be wearing... they can analyse how your foot hits the ground, discuss with you the type of running you do and pick the right pair of shoes accordingly...quite reassuring when we are bombarded with the jargon of biomechanics, cushioning, midsole cushioning, heel padding etc, not to mention the hundreds of different brands and qualities of shoe on the market now.  

Let's face it, running is a pretty cheap sport...what better justification to spend a bit of cash on some gear once in a while!

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