Saturday, March 22, 2008

Last long run before the big day

I did my 20 miles on Thursday. I took it easy as I knew that my legs were pretty fatigued after the race on Sunday - managed to do 20 miles in 2hrs 50. It was pretty windy but it was good when it was behind you and I managed to avoid the rain for once. I treated myself to a bowl of porridge and a buckwheat pancake with banana and maple syrup before the run and took a couple of gels at 10 and 15 miles, but I was glad to finish - it's very lonely doing such a long run toute seule. I quickly forced down a honey sandwich followed by a peanut butter sandwich plus some fresh pineapple - a strange mixture I know, but we had emptied the fridge prior to our trip to Germany and it was all that was left in the house. Good high G.I. carbs, some protein and vitamins to go straight to the muscles to help them recover from their ordeal!

I spent the next few hours frantically packing for our ski trip to Germany, where we are meeting up with some old German friends who have bought an enormous farmhouse on the German/Austrian border. I know that it is really important to eat properly on your recovery day and I certainly have not been able to do this. We had a nightmare journey yesterday through snow, hail, sleet and sludge and enormous traffic jams and all I managed to get to eat was a sandwich and a packet of crisps. Had I been more organised I would have packed some decent food for the journey and made some flapjacks, but alas it was not to be. A proposal for work, the long run, plus packing for a ski holiday for the whole family took priority. We had to settle for really nasty (and expensive) motorway sandwiches!

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