Thursday, March 6, 2008

Paula Radcliffe pulls out of FLM - what a disappointment

I'm so disappointed that Paula Radcliffe has pulled out of the London Marathon. I remember her being such an inspiration when I ran behind her in the New York Marathon and I, along with thousands of others I am sure, will miss her not being there. We should all learn from her example really and recognise our limitations. It must be such an incredibly gutting thing to have to do as a professional. But running with an injury is a recipe for disaster and it would be a terrible blow if she were not better for the Olympics. I am meant to be doing 11 miles today but my excuse is not injury, it is time constraint; I have not got a moment spare. I made a tasty spaghetti dish - spaghetti with basil, parmesan and pine nuts - last night in preparation for a 6 a.m. early morning run, but I couldn't face it and I stayed in bed. Not good! I'll have to try to fit it in tomorrow instead, because I am spending the day preparing dishes for a photographic session this afternoon. I have two articles going to press now, and a regular 'recipes for runners' slot in Running Fitness to look forward to, so I really need some more professional photo shots of my recipes.

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