Saturday, March 22, 2008

Running in Germany

I managed to squeeze in an 8 mile VO2 max (5x600m fast) run this morning (Saturday) but it was hard work. It is difficult when you are staying with friends as you have to fit in with their routine.....I ran before breakfast, after eating very little the day before and I really started to run out of energy at mile 6.

The run was pretty spectacular though. Icy snow on the ground, forest, sun shining through the trees. I suppose it was worth it, even though my legs were tired from 20 miles the day before.

It is now 8 in the evening and I haven't had a hot meal since Thursday night......but I can smell it cooking and I am getting desperate!!

We have spent the day watching my German friend's son motorbike racing in Hockenheim - he is only 14 and is no. 3 in Germany and is racing on 600cc motorbikes. I know absolutely nothing about motorbike racing and from today's experience I can say that it is very noisy and looks terrifyingly dangerous.........We are off skiing tomorrow and I can't wait. There is so much snow.

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