Tuesday, February 26, 2008

15 miles, 12 miles marathon pace...only another 11 to make 26!

I nipped off for my 15 miles yesterday over lunch. It was a beautiful day - sunny and cold. Mark was at home so he came with me and paced me really well, as I had to do 12 miles at marathon pace - I would like to do just over 8 minute miles for London. It was fine, I felt strong and kept my pace well. Mark conked out at about 12 miles, left me to it and caught a taxi home! But I suppose he shouldn't really be running such long runs when he is not in training. The horrible thought at the end though was that I really don't think I could have kept it up for another 11 miles...let's hope another 5 weeks' training will do the trick!

Had a really nice bowl of unrefined porridge with walnuts and honey, a grapefruit, a few satsumas and some hot cross bun for breakfast, plus some leftover couscous just before leaving, so I suppose I was pretty well fuelled up! I am sticking to my theory that you need to eat some fast-acting carbohydrate immediately after endurance sessions, so I forced down a honey sandwich and some fruit even before my shower.

Smoked haddock (undyed) with mashed potato, spinach and a chive/creme fraiche sauce for supper....absolutely delicious!

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