Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Basmati and Wild Rice

16 miles on Sunday went quite well, despite a very late night on Saturday, although it was very, very windy - good when it is behind you, but not such fun when you are running straight into it!

We went to a dinner party on Saturday night and I surprised myself with the strength of my will-power on the wine front - just 2 or 3 glasses and I turned down the dessert wine. Luckily the meal was delicious and included basmati and wild rice, which is a great combination for the night before a run. Wild rice is much more nutritious than even brown rice; it is even higher in protein, zinc, folic acid, and vitamin E.

I am not sure what I got right this week, but I certainly felt full of beans after the run and managed to cook some great lamb shanks (not that they took much effort - see the next post) and a carrot cake. I think it is a combination of getting used to the long runs, a great diet and generally feeling good at the moment.

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